This list of questions and answers stems from the hundreds of questions or concerns brought to the Board of Directors or Space Coast Property Management from owners, tenants, or the real estate community over the past few years. We hope to provide clarity for many of the owners or tenants that have received incorrect information in the past from other owners, the developer, neighbors, or real estate agents. 


​1. What are the hours for the laundry and workout center? 
Open - 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Note - the locks are electronically controlled and will lock and unlock automatically. Please keep an eye on the time when working out or doing your laundry in the evenings.

2. What are the hours for the pool and spa?
Open - Dawn to dusk. This is a State statute and for your safety. Also please be considerate of our pool side residents when using the pool and hot tub area in the early morning or evening hours. Sound travels quite well over the water.

3. Rules for dog ownership at Beach Club
​Dogs should only be walked in the areas designated and you must clean up after your pet. Please be thoughtful of your fellow residents and our landscaping crew. County ordinance Sec. 14-59 requires that residents properly dispose of their animal's feces.

It is a Florida law that animals must remain on a leash for the safety of residents, guests, and pets. While we currently do not have a size restriction on dogs, if a dog is labelled a nuisance action can be taken. Contact Space Coast Property Management for questions or concerns.

4. What do I do about nuisance or sound complaints?
First and foremost the Association desires all homeowners, tenants and invited guests to live peacefully and in harmony. However in the event you encounter an issue the association suggests the following. 
Step 1- Contact the neighbor and politely speak to them on the issue. Many times people don’t realize they are creating a disturbance and once made aware of the issue will correct the issue. 
Step 2- If step 1 causes you concern and you feel it will only make the situation worse - call the police. If you have spoken with the party causing the disturbance and they fail to comply - contact the police.

Step 3- Inform the Association of the situation after the police have been contacted. If the police have been notified and the problem continues contact the Association through the Property Management Office in writing of the complaint. The address is posted on the marquee next to the club house. 

Note - if the problem continues the police should be contacted again. Even if the first notification of the police did not solve the problem they should always be the first level of notification. If possible ask the responding office for a written summary of events. 

For ongoing issues the association will investigate the problem. A written paper trail will be very helpful in resolving and documenting issues, especially with a rental unit. Based on the findings the Association will take corrective action. Please remember there are always two sides to every story and a resolution may require compromise on both parties.

5. Can gas or charcoal grills be used on the patios (or breezeways)?
No, gas and charcoal grills are not allowed on the patios (or breezeways), electric grills are about the size of a standard “George Forman” grill. This is a major safety issue and law.

6. Do I have to walk my dog on a leash? 

7. Where is it okay to park?
Only in designated parking spaces located throughout the community. We don't have reserved parking.

8. If I am parked illegally and am towed, who is responsible for the cost of the tow?
Ample warnings will be given before a vehicle is towed. If there is failure to comply with the parking regulations the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

9. How do I pay my homeowners dues?
Homeowners receive a coupon book for the fiscal year. You can auto-pay from your bank, pay-in-person at the management office or, directly mail. Contact property management at 321-733-3382 for additional information. 

Maintenance Responsibilities

1. Who is responsible for insurance? 
Each owner should purchase condo insurance that covers the interior structure and finishes of your unit. The Beach Club HOA only covers the exterior of buildings, pool area and common grounds. 

2. Can I make changes to the outside of my unit?
Any changes to the outside of your unit needs to be approved by the Board. Please contact SCPM for instructions 321-733- 3382.


1. Can Beach Club HOA quickly force owners to comply with the covenants? 
Covenant enforcement should be viewed as a lengthy process for persons that do not voluntarily correct the issue. The association has to follow a series of steps, to include: notices of violations than engage in costly legal work that is born up front by the association. This is an economic decision for the Board of Directors who decide “at what cost is enforcement worth pursuing?” on an individual basis.

2. What should I do if I receive a covenant enforcement violation letter? 
Please address the item(s) listed on the letter immediately and return the response sheet to SCPM. If you are a Landlord or “snowbird” we suggest you find someone to address items in your absence. 

3. Is the Beach Club HOA responsible for domestic conflicts between different owners or tenants? 
If you attempted to work it out and cannot, this is best handled by the police for cases where threats have been made, as they have the power behind the law.

4. Can I put a “for sale” or “for rent” sign on my property?
No signage allowed.

5. Is the Beach Club HOA responsible for evicting tenants that do not follow the rules?
The Beach Club HOA has the power to evict a tenant and may pursue that action if violations are serious. The unit owner will be assessed the costs associated with the eviction. 

6. Should Space Coast Property Management and the Board deal with my tenants if they have issues with my tenants following the rules, need assistance with pool access, or have concerns? 
SCPM and the Board have a covenant with the owner of each property and Florida Statutes require communication with the owners. Owners that lease their homes need to act as the landlord and provide a conduit for information with the tenants as the HOA sends legal notices or information to the owner’s address of record. In other words, if you receive a notice from the association, you as the owner should act upon it rather than assume your tenant has received it. Owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their guests, tenants, and visitors.

7. Is the Beach Club HOA is responsible for communicating to the real estate community which homes are for sale or in foreclosure? 
The association is not tasked with this duty and bears no responsibility for the information.

8. Does Space Coast Property Management make decisions for the community? 
SCPM is the administrative arm of the Board of Directors. They follow the direction of the Board or policies set in place by the Board of Directors. SCPM does not have any governing authority over community processes.
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